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Monitoring & Managing Product Performance the right way

Every day consumers post thousands of product reviews on thousands of retail sites. Accurately monitoring all of those reviews on your own is close to impossible. We know your pains, we know how much time it takes to manually monitor daily reviews, organize them into data points and then trying to make sense out of these results.

We provide a single source for collecting reviews for every product found on the web in a central beautifully designed and organized dashboard with powerful analytics.

Collective approach to research and development

We’ve reached the point where our CPG clients now drive majority of the implemented features.  Our platform is built for you by your peers.

Our focus is to automate customer feedback/reviews research, analytics and provide intelligent answers to the most important questions around product performance.

Test Drive it with 3 Products

Fanatical Support

Helping you achieve your goal is our priority (chat, phone, email)

Improve Products

Finally a way to learn about products’ strengths and weaknesses

Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning and NLP for intelligent answers

Monitor Competitors

Know what they do well and where they struggle

Big Picture

Listen to & Analyze data from 15+ major retail sites

Fast & Scalable

Unlimited users, 1-10k+ products, constantly evolving

“Many companies say they 'put the customer at the heart of their business.' But until you can find a way to listen to all that feedback and turn it into better products, you'll never succeed. helps us listen to far more of our customers than we were before.”

Andy - Hoover.comSenior Manager Social Media

Automate review monitoring and analytics

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