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Most shoppers rate the product, while some write a short or detailed review of the product
Shoppers prefer posting online reviews using computers over mobile devices
Young shoppers prefer mobile device to post online reviews Female shoppers are slightly more likely to post online reviews using their mobile device
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Retailer Roadmap to

Authentic Shopper Reviews

Amazon has established itself as the leading e-commerce retailer over the last decade. In 2016, on average 200 million unique shoppers visited Amazon every month. In the US, Amazon’s reach is approaching saturation as more than 4 in 5 (81%) US shoppers visited Amazon. In comparison, Walmart, the largest US retailer, averaged 113 million unique shoppers visiting its website reaching less than half of all Americans online.

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Research Report

The State Of Online

Reviews Among U.S. Shoppers

Reading online reviews has become an integral part of the US shopper’s path-to-purchase. More than three in four US shoppers go online to read reviews. Online reviews are the second most trusted source of information behind friends and family and actually rank ahead of peer recommendation in terms of being helpful in the shopping process. 73% of shoppers rank online reviews are the most influential piece of content ahead of videos, photos and blogs that lead to conversion.

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Why Amazon is top destination for shoppers to read online reviews
How shoppers read online reviews differs across age
Trust drives shoppers to read online reviews before making a purchase decision