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#5 of 5: Reviews will continue to keep Amazon relevant with online shoppers across categories

Amazon is set to maintain its position as the leading online retailer as it continues to attract shoppers to post reviews after purchase. While more than 3 in 5 (62%) shoppers tell their friends and family about the product in person, Amazon is the most popular online destination where shoppers choose to share their post-purchase product experience.

Amazon is the top online choice to share product experience after purchase

Almost half (47%) of all online shoppers go on to post product reviews on Amazon while just over 1 in 4 (28%) post reviews on retailer websites. Shoppers are more likely to review products on the brand’s website (44%) and social media (40%) compared to a retailer website.

Amazon’s prominence as the first and most important touch point in shopper path to purchase has allowed it to explore new categories such as automotive. One of the key advantage that Amazon has over other retailers is the vast amount of reviews and consumer perception that it is the main destination to get product reviews.

Review sites are one of the most influential sources of information among car buyers

As we have seen reviews are a major source of influence when it comes to shaping consumer purchase decisions. This remans the same with cars buyers as well. Among Millennials aged 18-34, review sites have the biggest influence on car buyers behind TV (37%) and online search (33%). Among adults 35 and above, review sites are the top source of influence when it comes to buying a car. As a result Amazon has already started collecting reviews for cars even though it does not sell cars – yet.

Millennials buy auto parts from Amazon behind physical stores and specialised websites

Amazon already sells auto parts and accessories on its website. It is also ahead of dealerships and other online sites like eBay. 14% of adults 18+ buy auto parts from dealerships and 7% from eBay. In comparison, 17% of adults 18+ buy car parts and accessories form Amazon. One in five (21%) Millennials aged 18-34 buy auto parts from Amazon. Among adults 35 and above more than 1 in 10 (11%) buy auto parts from Amazon.

While Amazon has a long way to go before consumers buy cars online, making the website a key touch point in the car buyer’s path to purchase is a smart, consumer-centric move to draw future car buyers. Reviews will continue to stay highly relevant with online shoppers as more and more go online for research and information. Retailers, as well as brands, need to capitalise on this trend and generate authentic consumer reviews on their own platform to stay relevant with online shoppers.